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500 & 300 Games Honours

'500' CLUB GAMES (season shown is the one in which the 'milestone' was reached)
Jimmy Hosking 1959-60
Alvin Williams 1964-65
Peter Michell 1966-67
Jim Matthews 1967-68
*Roger Pascoe 1973-74
Tony Stevenson 1973-74
Mike Thomas 1973-74
Keith Stirling 1974-75
Brian 'Stack' Stevens 1977-78
Keith Gruzelier 1979-80
Tom Beckerleg 1908-81
Phil Westren 1982-83
Colin Dymond 1983-84
Richard Blewett 1983-84
Alan Reynolds 1983-84
Nicky Brooks 1996-97

*Roger Pascoe 1973-74
Roger is the only player to have reached 1000 GAMES for the club - a mighty achievement which took place in March, 1986


Jimmy Hosking, Jack Gunn and Rodda Williams were the first players to reach this milestone back in 1955-56 - others listed follow in order (the last being Adrian Bick in 1999-00)

Jimmy Jenkin
Alvin Williams (played 819 games)
Peter Michell
Jim Matthews
Cyril Rescorla
Ray Burroughs
Louis Brown
Gerald Luke
Mike Jenkin
Owen Barnes
Ken Weeks
John Edgecombe
Tony Stevenson
Alfie Fowler
Brian 'Stack' Stevens
Johnny Thomas
Roger Pascoe
Mike Thomas
Keith Stirling
Mike Bolitho
John White
Keith Gruzelier
Tom Beckerleg
Graham Michell
Colin Dymond
Micky James
Paul Greaves
Phil Westren
Richard Blewett
Roger Roberts

Peter Paull
Roger Harding
Joe Hill
David 'Nobby' Roberts
Alan Reynolds
Gordon Jeffery
Peter Hemsworth
Brian Monckton
Phil Ruberry
Richard Brighton
Richard Harvey
Neil Care
Kevin Walsh
Mike Toms
Kenny Gilbert
Nicky Brooks
Nicky Briant
Dave Elliott
Neil Wearne
Mike Westren
Ian Blewett
Bob Simons
Julian Bick
Keith Terry
Jamie Dean
Joff Collins
Dave Roberts
Hedley Rogers
Adrian Bick (1999-00)
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