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Under 7s & Under 8s 2007/08

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Truro U8s 4 Pirates U8s 6

27th April, 2008

Sunshine and a good crowd of supporters greeted these U7s teams at Truro on Sunday morning, and despite the fact that the game was played 11-a-side on a crowded pitch, there was still some fine running rugby displayed by both teams. The enthusiastic youngest Pirates team has done the club proud this season and all will now be looking forward to playing at U8s level in September.

Pirates U7s: Jamie Shrosbree (capt), Ethan Wyatt, Alistair Stacey, Kyran Richardson, Mackenzie
Oliver, William Simons, Morgan Harvey, Declan Marshall, Christopher Stevens, Denzel Motusaga and Joe Roach.

The Pirates U8s
The Pirates U8s pictured with their coaches Steve Friggens and Peter Williams

Truro U7s 5 Pirates U7s 8

27th April, 2008

This final match of the season saw the Pirates side turn out in force to give an excellent display of tag rugby. Truro are very good opponents, it no surprise that the scores were level at half-time, but in the second half the Pirates superb passing told, which led to decisive tries being scored by Conner George and Daniel Rhys Evans. It was certainly a great performance for all the parents and supporters to see.

Try-scorers were: Daniel Rhys Evans, Sabien Friggens, Tom Tieken, Conner George and Luke Flack.

Pirates U8s: Conner George, Thomas Prosser, Peter Williams, Matthew Ellis,(capt), Alfie Hall, Luke Flack, Tom Tieken, Seth Godden, Henry Trow, Chris Dodd, Sabien Friggens, Daniel Rhys Evans.


Newquay U8s 6 Pirates U8s 7

13th April, 2008

This was a great game to watch, the tagging and handling superb, with a fine pass from Henry Trow to Daniel Rhys Evans leading to a particularly good try scored in the match. Close right to the end, the Pirates were delighted to secure a last minute try to earn them a 7 tries to 6 victory. Besides Daniel Rhys Evans, the other 'Pirate' try-scorers were Luke Flack, skipper Tom Tieken, and Conner George.

Pirates U8s: Peter Williams, Thomas Prosser, Henry Trow, Tom Tieken (capt), Luke Flack, Sabien Friggens, Matthew Ellis, Conner George, Daniel Rhys Evans.

Newquay U7s 8 Pirates U7s 8

13th April, 2008

The 'Hornets' team was a strong one that fully tested the Pirates. It was also an entertaining match, with passing and tagging skills at a high level, and a draw the fair result.
Try-scorers for the Pirates were Alistair Stacey, Morgan Harvey,. Mackenzie Oliver, and Christopher Stevens.

Pirates U7s: Jamie Shrosbee, Morgan Harvey, Mackenzie Oliver, Joe Roach, Declan Marshall, William Simons, Christopher Stevens, Kyran Richardson (capt), Alistair Stacey.

Wadebridge U8s 7 Pirates U8s 6

6th April, 2008

In blizzard conditions the team did well to only lose by one try.

It was a good end to end game with the Wadebridge Camels keeping level with the Pirates almost to the end when they scored the winning try. Both side played a good running game and all the Pirates played well in such difficult weather!!

Try scorers Daniel Rhys Evans, Matthew Ellis and Conner George.

Pirates U8s: Matthew Ellis, Thomas Prosser (c), Lewis Sims, Conner George, Alfie Hall, Daniel Rhys Evans, Connor Hart, Elliot Tree, Peter Williams.

Wadebridge U7s 6 Pirates U7s 11

6th April, 2008

A hardened six made the trip up to Wadebridge where it promptly began to snow heavily as soon as the team and supporters disembarked from their various vehicles, much to the boys' delight!

The first half was closely played, with the Pirates arriving at half-time narrowly 5-4 in the lead. After a quick turnaround due to the freezing conditions, good tagging by the Pirates saw them comfortably to victory in the second period, the final scoreline reading 11-6 in their favour .

Tries for the Pirates were scored by Alistair Stacey, Ethan Wyatt, Jamie Shrosbree, Morgan Harvey and Mackenzie Oliver

Pirates U7s : Alistair Stacey (c), Ethan Wyatt, Jamie Shrosbree, Morgan Harvey, Mackenzie Oliver and William Simons

Hayle U8s 5 Pirates U8s 8

30th March, 2008

Good teamwork from the Pirates showed in this free-flowing game, there an excellent display of passing and tagging. Tom Teiken was unlucky not to score after a good run, but it led to a fine try scored by Daniel Rhys Evans. Other try-scorers for the Pirates in the match were Sabian Friggens, Elliot Tree, Connor Hart and Luke Flack.

Pirates U8s: Alfie Hall, Chris Dodd, Thomas Prosser, Connor Hart, Conner George, Lewis Sims, Matthew Ellis, Luke Flack, Sabian Friggens, Henry Trow, Peter Williams (capt), Daniel Rhys Evans, Elliot Tree, Tom Teiken.

Hayle U7s 7 Pirates U7s 7

30th March, 2007

Good tagging by the Pirates got them back into the match after Hayle had taken an early three try lead, the game eventually and deservedly ending in a draw. Try scorers for the Pirates were Mackenzie Oliver, Alistair Stacey, Ethan Wyatt, Morgan Harvey and Christopher Stevens.

Pirates U7s: Denzel Motusaga (capt), Mackenzie Oliver, Alistair Stacey, Ethan Wyatt, Jamie Shrosbee, Morgan Harvey, Joe Roach, Williams Symons, Christopher Stevens.

Pirates U8s 5 Camborne U8s 5

9th March, 2008

The team enjoyed a close fought game with good passing and tagging from both sides. Camborne played a good fast game which kept the Penzance team on their toes.

Pirates U8s: Luke Flack, Thomas Prosser, Henry Trow, Daniel Rhys-Evans (captain), Connor George, Alfie Hall, Elliot Tree, Connor Hart and Lewis Sims.

Tries: Thomas Prosser, Daniel Rhys Evans, Connor George and Luke Flack.

Pirates U7s 10 Camborne U7s 1

9th March, 2008

A great game for the youngest Pirates on a fine sunny Sunday. Good team work and passing helped them to a well earned win

Pirates U7s: Alistair Stacey, Ethan Wyatt, William Simons, Jamie Shrosbree, Kyran Richardson, Denzel Motusaga, Christopher Stevens, Morgan Harvey, Joe Roach, Mackenzie Oliver (captain).

Ties Alistair Stacey, Ethan Wyatt, Morgan Harvey and Jamie Shrosbree.

Pirates U8s 3 Hayle 4

Sunday 17th Feb

Penzance were strong in the first half, but Hayle who played a well drilled, confident game took the lead in the second half, went on to win the match.

Team - Connor Hart, Thomas Prosser, Elliot Tree, Connor George, Sabian Friggens, Lewis Sims, Matthew Ellis, Henry Trow, Daniel-Rhys Evans and Peter Williams.
Penzance Scorer - Daniel-Rhys Evans.

Pirates U7s 4 Hayle 3

Sunday 17th Feb

Another close match, Hayle playing a strong side, all the players enjoyed themselves, good tagging and passing led to the win.

Team - Kyran Richardson, Morgan Harvey, Ethan Wyatt, William Simons, Jo Roach, Alistair Stacey, Denzel Motusaga, Declan Marshall, Jamie Shrosbree and Mackenzie Oliver.
Penzance Scorers - Kyran Richardson and Alistair Stacey.

Pirates U8s 5 Penryn U8s 4

3rd. February, 2008

Good teamwork, passing and tagging were again in evidence as the Pirates U8s won this close game thanks to tries scored by Luke Flack, Connor George and Matthew Ellis. The team was as follows: Thomas Prosser, Sabien Friggens, Connor George, Lewis Sims,
Luke Flack, Connor Hart, Elliot Tree, Matthew Ellis, Henry Trow and Alfie Hall.

Pirates U7s 6 Penryn U7s 3

3rd. February, 2008

The youngest Pirates played very well together, with good tagging and passing. Tries were scored by Declan Marshall, Ethan Wyatt and Morgan Harvey, and the team was as follows: Ethan Wyatt, William Symons, Declan Marshall, Alistair Stacey, Jamie Shrosbree, Denzel Motusaga, Kyran Richardson, Morgan Harvey, Jo Roach and Christopher Stevens.

Pirates U8s v Truro U8s

4th. November, 2007

This was an enjoyable and closely-fought game, the Pirates winning thanks to tries scored by Sabian Friggens and Connor George.

Pirates U7s v Truro 7s

4th. November, 2007

Played on the Mennaye Field, the youngest age group of Pirates won this match by five tries to four.
Try-scorers were Alistair Stacey (3), Kieran Richardson and Ross Paling.

Iva Helps Coach Young Pirates

Iva 'The Jet' Motusaga, a former Samoan international player and Cornish Pirates wing forward, has recently helped coach the Penzance & Newlyn RFCclub's under 8s team.

All the youngsters enjoyed Iva being present, their training sessions now taking place each Friday from 4.30 - 5.30pm at the Mennaye Nurseries field.

At under 8s level the emphasis is very much on learning certain basics and making the game enjoyable to play - there is certainly an element of fun, which suits Iva's personality just perfectly!

Iva 'The Jet' Motusaga

Under 7s & Under 8s Training

Mini-Junior training times have just been confirmed for the forthcoming rugby season

Fridays from 4:30 - 5:30 starting Friday 7th September.
Old and new players welcome.

For more information contact:
Steve Friggens 01736 363734

All sessions will take place at the Mennaye Nurseries field.



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